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Knee pain | Osteoarthritis

Genicular Artery


GAE works by decreasing blood flow to the inflamed synovium or lining of the knee joint, the source of pain in degenerative arthritis

Child Physiotherapy
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Fibroids | Adenomyosis

Uterine Artery


Fibroids are treated in this method without surgery, reducing the blood flow to them. This uterine saving procedure allows for a quicker recovery than surgery

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia | BPH

Prostatic Artery


PAE is a minimally invasive procedure that shrinks the prostate without the risk of traditional procedures performed via the urethra/penis

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Cancer | Liver Tumors

Liver Embolization

Tumors in the Liver are targeted with microscopic particles that can be loaded with drugs, radiation, or by themselves. These kill tumors by cutting off the blood supply to the tumor or with their loaded component

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Hemorrhoids | Bleeding



Flow to the hemorrhoids is decreased with particles and/or coils, shrinking the swelling associated with hemorrhoids

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Atherosclerosis | PAD

Peripheral Vascular


Blockages in the arteries can cause decerased healing potential for ulcers or wounds. It can also cause pain at rest or when walking, leading to impaired mobility

Reflexology Therapy
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