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Sandeep Bagla completed training in Diagnostic and Vascular & Interventional Radiology. He is widely regarded as global leader in the field of embolization and vascular care. As the CEO of a software development company iExplain LLC, Dr. Bagla works to bring world-wide health care education in a streamlined approach. 

  • MD (Medical Degree) with Honors- St. Georges University School of Medicine.   

Graduated with Honors from. St. Georges University School of Medicine in 2002. Completed Clinical Rotations in New York City, Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Department of Neuroradiology. 

Completed a Vascular Interventional Radiology Fellowship in 2008 at George Washington University/Inova Alexandria Hospital. 

  • Vascular Interventional Radiology - ACGME Fellowship

  • Diagnostic Radiology - ACGME Residency

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Completed at Albany Medical Center from 2003-2007, where Dr. Bagla served at Chief Resident. 

  • CEO, iExplain, LLC

iExplain, LLC is a software development company improving global education and marketing in health care. Most recently, iExplain, LLC launched the JiggleMed App, which aims to connect physicians around the world in a simple platform to promote education and improved health care for patientss


We accept nearly all major insurance plans. 

The goal of our practice is allow for all patients to receive excellent care without the financial stress complicating your experience.

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