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Knee Pain

Its seems counterintuitive that slowing blood flow will actually improve pain, but this is actually the case. This month, our US clinical study was published in the Journal of Vascular & Interventional Radiology demonstrating that Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) improved knee pain associated with Knee Osteoarthritis. The mechanism of action involves an abnormal increased amount of blood flow that develops in the inflamed lining or synovium around the knee. By injecting micro particles, we found that pain and inflammation decreases, thereby improving the quality of life and knee pain that patients feel. This was the first US clinical study and we have completed another that is being submitted for publication as well. Looking forward to the Annual Society of interventional radiology meeting in Seattle Washington next month to present our clinical data from the second randomized clinical trial and our plans for future clinical studies. While

this procedure is relatively new for the indication of pain and osteoarthritis, our team has the largest experience in United States performing this complex procedure. We’ve also been performing the procedure for about 10 years now in Patients who’ve had knee replacement as well with bleeding into the knee joint.

In the angiogram pictures above, you can see increased vascularity over the medial aspect of the knee joint before and then after embolization with a decrease in micro vascular blush.

Check out The Journal of Vascular and interventional radiology this month to read the article in full text. Catch us at the annual meeting in March in Seattle or send us an email and will be happy to answer more questions.

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